Pala-U Waterfall With Elephant Riding

When visiting Thailand there are a number of things to add to your to do list, the most important of all: Elephant riding. There is something truly magnificent about venturing through the jungle on the back of an Elephant, one that can truly not be explained and only simply experienced.

This is an amazing half day excursion that will take you to the western jungle of Hua Hin which lies close to the Myanmar border. The journey will take you through a stunning region that boasts untouched peaks and valleys until finally arriving at the Pala-U Waterfall. During your stroll through the Taki Nature reserve you will notice a number of historical mechanical remains that have been slowly reclaimed by nature. These are the remains of an old colonial Japanese railway system that now serve as a trail through the jungle.

You can enjoy a casually stroll through the forest until you reach the first level of the waterfalls – Following that you can continue to climb up to the third, fourth and fifth stages and your leisure. This adventure is most certainly hungry work, but you can rest assured that upon your return you will be able to relax and refresh yourself at a delightful local restaurant where you will be well fed with some delicious traditional Thai cuisine.

This is most certainly an unmissable excursion as it allows you to step away from civilisation and into a beautiful world of natural wonder. These waterfalls are simply stunning and demonstrate the true power and majesty of Mother Nature in this spectacular region of the world. Join us and create some unique and incredible memories that will stay with you forever.

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