Damnoen Saduak Floating Market & Thai Cultural Show

Every single year countless people travel to Thailand from all over the world for a holiday but very few truly get the opportunity to experience the real Thailand. Most people will either spend much of their time enjoying the colourful nightlife in Bangkok or Pattaya, or jet off to one of the stunning Southern Islands for a few weeks of relaxation and sunbathing on the beach. While these are all an incredible way to experience Thailand and have a lot of fun, it doesn’t truly give you much of an insight into what the Thai culture is all about – and there is much beauty to be witnessed.

This tour begins with a leisurely boat trip along the canals to the heart of the Damnoen Saduak floating market where you will be able to experience the true nature of the Thai people while they trade their goods in an ancient traditional manner. Following that the tour will continue on to Nakhon Pathom where you will visit the biggest and most magnificent Pagoda in all of Thailand!

All of this exploring will likely build up much of an appetite but don’t worry because you’ll be able to enjoy a delicious lunch at the Sampran Riverside restaurant. Finally you will then head out to attend the traditional Thai Village show where you will be able to truly experience what Thai life is really all about. This includes an ordination into monkhood, traditional Thai boxing and fingernail dancing, the awesome Elephants at work and finally a traditional Thai marriage ceremony.

This is the perfect excursion if you really want to see what Thailand is all about! Experience something a little different and take a break from the usual partying, shopping and sunbathing; there will be plenty of time for that. This is an unmissable experience that will certainly be worth your while if you are looking to take more than just a suntan home with you!

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