Amphawa Floating Market

The famous floating market of Amphawa is arguably one of the most charming and delightful attractions in all of Hua Hin. This excursion is certainly worth your while if you are looking to truly experience the real traditional Thai culture and lifestyle up close and personal. You will notice many a floating market scene in much of the traditional Thai style art work throughout Thailand and it really is a beauty to behold in real life.

You can take a wonder around the the old, Thai style wooden market where you will be greeted by the warm and friendly villagers and merchants as they go about their business. The merchants leisurely paddle their boats along the canal with bundles of various goods and merchandise for your perusal. A tradition that stretches far back into the rich and cultural history of Thailand and one that will endure ever more – experience a truly unique and magnificent way to shop and explore.

After your dinner at a delightful local restaurant which is included with this incredible tour, you will then take part in another exciting and popular activity: the boat cruise. Enjoy your evening as you lazily float down the river while admiring the stunning view of boundless fireflies shimmering and sparkling over the surface of the water – a truly romantic way to finish off an enjoyable day!

There is much more to Thailand than beautiful beaches and a crazy night life! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity to see what the real Thailand is all about. Take a break from all of the partying and sunbathing and immerse yourself in the stunning culture of Thailand.


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