5 Star Thai Cooking Class

Thai food is arguably one of the most beautiful and unique cuisines in the world with its exotic herbs and mouth-watering spices that render the consumer astonished by the multitude of incredible flavours. With this awesome and unmissable tour you can learn to cook all of your favourite Thai dishes that you have grown to love during your travels.

While some people like to take photos of their food for Instagram and Facebook, the more cultured would rather capture such impeccable foods by learning how to prepare it themselves. Take more than just a photo away from this experience and master the art of cooking Thai cuisine and wow your friends and family at your next dinner party.

This incredible course is a practical and hands-on experience and you will be able to select your own dishes to learn and cook yourself. You can try anything from the famous Thai green curry, a selection of delicious and fragrant soups, stir friend chicken with cashew nuts and many more! When you’re finished preparing your food you can reward yourself by chowing down on your favourite dishes and judging how well you’ve done – chances are you won’t be quite as good as the kind old lady on the corner outside your hotel just yet, but practice makes perfect!

If you are looking to experience something a little bit different from the standard sight-seeing and sunbathing then this is an excellent choice of excursion for you. It will allow you to experience a bit of Thai culture first-hand and up-close and then take a small measure of it away with you when you leave!

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