Why To Buy Property In Hua Hin

Top 10 reasons that a Hua Hin property is a hot hot investment

Ten reasons to invest Thailand’s most aristocratic town
With its rapidly developing infrastructure, booming tourism market, as well as its central ASEAN location, Thailand is consistently named as one of the most attractive places in the world to invest. After a consideration on investing invest in Thailand has been made, the next step is to focus the property search on a specific area.
Jonas Glud; real estate guru, and owner of Dream Estate Co. LTD, recommends Hua Hin as one of the most promising markets in the country, based on the following ten reasons:

1: Affordability in a major market
Jonas Glud has stated that at present, real estate prices in Hua Hin are much lower than other major markets in the country, especially in neighboring areas such as Khao Takiab, Tap Tai and Sam Roi Yod. “You can still get some very affordable land if you are willing to be located five-to-ten minutes away [from downtown Hua Hin], where it’s possible to negotiate land down to under 1.5 million baht per rai.” he said. “Go just a half hour away from downtown and you can get land as low as 400k per Rai.”

2: Location, location, location…
The real estate industry’s favorite mantra very aptly applies to Hua Hin. Located only two and a half hours away by Bangkok by car, Hua Hin is already one of the most accessible beach destinations in the country and is only getting easier to reach.

3: Forward thinking to the High Speed Rail
With the upcoming implementation of a high speed train line, Hua Hin will soon be on a direct route from Southern China and just a 45 minute ride from Thailand’s largest international airport. Within the next few years the project is predicted to kick the Hua Hin’s development into high gear, putting it on the map as not only a new international tourism destination but a new, ultra-convenient weekend getaway for Bangkokians as well.

4: The soon-to-be arterial road, Soi 112
At present, if you want to drive out of Hua Hin, a road through neighboring Cha Am is the only way. However, an upcoming roadway called Soi 112 will be a four-lane fast-lane, connecting downtown Hua Hin directly to the highway. Still in development, areas surrounding the road are relatively affordable at the moment, but low prices will only last so long. Once Soi 112 starts to take real form it is predicted to become one of the busiest business districts in the area, with plans for new resorts, businesses and condo developments along the road already underway.

5: The trending all-inclusive developments
A trend all over Thailand, developments which include everything a small society needs to function are growing in popularity. For example, Dream Estate Co., Ltd has an upcoming development in Hua Hin that will serve as a micro-town, complete with a doctor’s office, a mini-mart, recreation center, restaurants and more. As each villa and townhouse property in this development will be managed, maintained and landscaped by a centralized team, it is generally considered to be an attractive opportunity for local expats and international investors alike who don’t have the time or ability to maintain the property themselves.

6: Still fairly untouched by tourism
While some of the reasons above allude to Hua Hin’s upcoming influx in tourism, at present the area remains one of the most genuine and respectable places in the country. For those looking to relocate to Thailand, Hua Hin has a unique combination of beach, accessibility, and peace and quiet.

7: Aristocratic roots and guaranteed protection
As Hua Hin is home the King of Thailand, it has and continues to attract a more sophisticated community than other areas in Thailand. Because of this, it gets extra attention when it comes to maintaining public areas and services, and thus is distinctively an area that’s guaranteed to remain fresh and up to date.

8: Family oriented
Perhaps another benefit of being home to Royalty, Hua Hin has a reputation to uphold and is thus (mostly) devoid of Thailand’s infamous debauchery. It’s a place where wholesome families can settle down in peace, send their kids to prestigious international schools and have fun-filled days at the beach and other family friendly attractions, like some nearby water parks and new shopping malls under construction.

9: A reputation as the ultimate golfer’s destination

With roughly a dozen courses around the region, Hua Hin is a golfing paradise. Having just received the Golf Destination of the Year, Asia 2014 Award, Hua Hin is already starting to attract a more international group of niche travelers, which will grow as the area develops. Villas and condos located on or nearby the most popular courses are sure to remain in high demand for years to come.

10: Lucrative Purchase/Rental Investment Opportunities
For many of the same reasons that make Hua Hin’s a great place to invest, it’s similarly a hot bed for rentals, which companies like Dream Estate Co., Ltd help investors to capitalize on. With a “Rental Guarantee” option, Dream Estate offers a 30% discount on select newly purchased homes under the condition that the buyer allows the development to rent out the property for 46 weeks of the year during the first five years of ownership; a great opportunity to buy at an extremely competitive rate, especially for those looking forward to retirement in Thailand.

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