Hua Hin Travel Guide

Hua Hin Travel Guide

Thailand’s oldest resort in Hua Hin, has, unlike many other places in Thailand managed to combine a modern resort with the charm of the continuous active fishing port.
Hua Hin started its existence in 1920 when Rama VI and Rama VII built their summer residences to escape Bangkok’s heat. The most famous of these palaces are Phra Klai Kangwon Ratchawang which translated into Danish means something like “Far from Worries.” The place was then an in-place for the nobility and wealthy Thais from Bangkok who built villas by the sea.

The building of a railway from Bangkok to Hua Hin did the 200 km of distance easier to manage and Hua Hin became a popular resort and has been so ever since.
Hua Hin is not a typical tourist place, as you will find at least as many Thai tourists and foreigners, which has been a contributing factor to Hua Hin has retained its charming, authentic touch.

Hua Hin Today

Today you will find a host of international hotels and restaurants in Hua Hin and the city has also become a popular choice for many expats who have bought or rented apartments in and around the city. Many retirees have also chosen to live in this little paradise, as prices for homes remains extremely cheap.
Hua hin is a popular tourist attraction at weekends, when both Thais and expats from Bangkok flock to, causing some of the city’s streets to remind Sukhumvit a Friday night, so if you feel like a fun night out, this can also easily possible in Hua Hin.

As Hua Hin is under royal protection, you will not find gogobarer and similar places in the same style as such. in Pattya and the city is perfect as a holiday resort for families.
Hua Hin has a 7 km long white sand beach where you can find any kind of water activity and as an added bonus, unique to Hua Hin, you can rent horses on the beach and take a ride along the beach.
Besides this, Hua Hin famous for its many small seafood restaurants, many of them situated on the beach where small money can get a wonderful meal while enjoying the sunset.

One of the best in Hua Hin is that the city is so close to Bangkok and can therefore save a lot of time compared to if you want to embark on one of the islands. However, there are many excursions from Hua Hin to nearby islands such. Koh Talu.

Hua Hin also offers some of the best golf in Thailand, beautiful Buddhist temples, traditional markets, music festivals and stunning scenery. In short, Hua Hin offers something for everyone and is the perfect holiday destination for people of all ages.

Attractions in Hua Hin

Although you can easily get many days to go to laze on the beach and eat his fill of delicious seafood dishes, there are many other things to do in Hua Hin and region.
Here we have compiled a list of the best activities and attractions in Hua Hin.

1: Phra Ratchaniwet Mrigadayavan
This palace is located approx. 10km from Hua Hin and was built under Rama VI as a holiday home for arthritis sufferers king. The palace was built by an Italian designer who strove for an elegant and airy style and is surrounded by a beautiful garden where a Thai orchestra helps transport you back in time.

2: Hua Hin Railway Station
The train station is an iconic piece of local architecture that was previously used as a royal waiting room. The pavilion is red and white and is almost a symbol of Hua Hin progress from small fishing village to the royal residence. It was the railroad and thus the shortened travel time from Bangkok to Hua Hin changed to what it is today.

3: Hua Hin Wineries

About 45 km from Hua Hin offers guests an idyllic vineyard where wine Monsoon Valley is manufactured. Here you can spend a day learning about wine growing in a tropical climate and taste wines. There is also a petanque court, trails where you can go mountain biking and the possibility of riding on elephants.

4: Baan Silapin Art Gallery
This art gallery was opened by a local artist in a shady palm grove. Here you can see exhibits from over 20 different local artists, including many from Bangkok, who have chosen to settle in Hua Hin’s more relaxed atmosphere. You can also take an art course of the charismatic Khun Nang.

5: Hua Hin Golf
Hua Hin is rightly known as Thailand’s best golf cities, with 8 golf courses located within a half hour drive from Hua Hin. The golf courses are surrounded by beautiful mountains and stunning scenery and there are courses for both the experienced golfer and novice users.

6: Hua Hin Night market

The Night Market in Hua Hin stretches from the city center and to the railway and open from 18 pm every night. Here you will find a plethora of small, quaint street restaurants serving local delicacies as well as a myriad of stalls selling local crafts, souvenirs and clothing.

7: Temples in Hua Hin
Over 95% of Thailand’s population is Buddhist and is therefore beautiful temples throughout Thailand. Hua Hin’s main temple is Wat Hua Hin, located in the center of town. If you want to try to feed the giant catfish, an excursion to Wat Bor Fai highly recommended. Remember to always be neatly dressed when visiting a temple in Thailand, no shorts, tank tops and the like.

8: Pala-U Waterfalls
Pala-U waterfall in Hua Hin is a favorite destination for nature lovers. Here is one beautiful waterfall after another, thousands of butterflies, wild elephants and a nature that can take your breath away. Remember swimwear, so you can take a dip along with the many trout.

9: Black Mountain Water Park

If you have kids with a trip to Black Mountain Waterpark in Hua Hin highly recommended. Here there are several different pools, slides of all sorts, a “lazy river” where to go with the flow of large tires and a great selection of food stalls.

10: King Cave and Monkey Island
A boat trip to Monkey Island and King grotto is for many one of the highlights of the holiday. Here you can feed the monkeys, see the beautiful scenery, fishing, swimming and exploring the beautiful royal cave where you can see a pavilion built for Rama V.
In addition to the activities and sights there are a host of other exciting experiences that wait in Hua Hin. Hua Hin has it all, a beautiful beach, a quaint nightlife, lovely restaurants and a wealth of natural beauty, so it is highly recommended to use at least a week if you want time to experience somethin

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