There was a time when it is to buy a travel required a trip to a travel agent, latency and a bank account then plummeted down to the point where the dreaded call from the bank adviser. Now the Internet has made it much easier to find a cheap trip to Thailand and the rest of the world through various search engines or flight portals, as they are known.

But which search engine you must choose the now large selection?
There have been various tests and consumer magazine Think has named the Danish-based search engine Rental and as the top two search engines of the 13 search engines that participated in the test to find cheap flights to Thailand.

Not that they necessarily had cheaper tickets than the other search engines but according Consider the two search engines strength, they both have the most manageable search options and gives you the best overview of alternative flights on the day of departure or day of the week you are planning your trip.

So the next time you dream of a cheap trip to Thailand, these two search engines worth a try.
When should you then buy a ticket? Is it best to buy as early as possible or should it be cold as ice and hope to get a cancellation ticket at the last minute?

According to According to CEO of travel search engine, Ole Stouby, works fares for flights in principle as an auction. He says, therefore, that the greatest chance of getting cheap flights to Thailand are about to book as early as possible. His advice is you should buy your ticket 4-6 weeks before when traveling within Europe and even earlier for overseas trips. He advises us to seek at least three search engines before we choose the trip we will buy.

Travel on weekdays – the way to cheap flights to Thailand
What is more, Ole Stouby also to avoid, where possible, avoid traveling out Thursday-Friday, and another home travel day than Sunday, when these days for obvious reasons, is the most popular and therefore usually the most expensive days to travel.

So a try on various search engines, book your holidays as early as possible and think about the days you choose to travel. So it should be possible to find a cheap trip to Thailand, so there is also money to enjoy the holiday.

Norwegian Airlines – the travel agency with cheap flights to Thailand
However, it should just be aware that not all airlines will be displayed when you’re looking for cheap flights to meta search engines. It is also a good idea to check directly with the various airlines and travel agents before you press the order button.

Norwegian Airlines is a relatively new airline that recently started selling cheap travel to Thailand and other destinations and they are certainly a few clicks worth. Take advantage of the advance, you can save up to 50% compared to SAS and Thai Airways, you are looking for cheap flights to Thailand, a good place to start.

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